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Trenro is a leading distribution and manufacturer sales company specializing in tools, hardware, sporting goods, consumer electronics and gaming related products. Trenro is focused on providing excellent service, product value and an extensive assortment of products.

Trenro is a factory authorized distributor for the leading tools & home improvement brands such as: Nitecore, Elzetta, NEBO, SE, Rely-A-Light, Iain Sinclair and more! Trenro carries high end sporting good products as well, such as PGF Personal Golf Fan and Swingbox.

Trenro also manufacturers its own products under the "Trenro" brand, these products are quality products at affordable prices. Trenro realizes the value of its customer and vendor relationships, and continues to emphasize excellence in quality service, communication, and operational execution throughout its daily operations.

Trenro is built on our principles and continued prayers for God's grace in our daily business dealings.